Ibuki is a high school sophomore who becomes a self-appointed head of the Ikaruga family. She is popular at school due to her beauty. She becomes a maternal figure for the Ikaruga family since their parents went overseas at an early age. She secretly likes Yoichi but is the first to attack him for no reason as well as circumstantial reasons, usually when it involves other girls. She is good at studies, sports, and martial arts. She is the Assistant Instructor of Ikaruga Dojo, which teaches Ukiha Kamikaze Swordplay. There are only five students in her dojo due to her violent nature. However, she treats children in a maternal fashion. It is revealed in chapter 19.5 of the manga that her violent nature developed when her parents left Ibuki to look after her siblings at an early age.


Yoichi: She likes Yoichi very much and cares about him. She hide her feelings for Yoichi. She has strong romantic feelings for him. In the Anime she blushing often close Yoichi. In the Manga in Chapter 40 Ibuki and Yoichi have her first kiss. She sit next to him at the hospital with a blushing face.


  • She was born on October 3th.

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