Ukiha Kamikaze Ryū Kenjutsu (浮羽神風流剣術) is a sword style passed down from ancient time. In the series so far, there are only two families capable of using this sword style, the Karasuma (Yoichi Karasuma) and Ikaruga.

Ukiha Kamikaze Ryū TechniquesEdit

  • First Stance: Gale (疾風, hayate)
  • Second Stance: Blizzard (吹雪, fubuki)
  • Third Stance: Falcon (隼, hayabusa)
  • Fourth Stance: Storm (嵐, arashi)
  • Fifth Stance: Lull (凪, nagi)
  • Sixth Stance: Chilling Wind (凩, kogarashi)
  • Seventh Stance:Whirlwind (竜巻, tatsumaki)
  • Eighth Stance: Squall (つむじ, tsumuji)

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